Special Setting, Superior Support

For special applications, DCC Waterbeds XL are square, four-chamber beds made in the ISO design. XL beds can be placed in box or open stalls. When anchored down, DCC Waterbeds XL are supportive, comfortable, and give large animals more space and freedom of choice. 

XL Applications: 

Box stall or open stall

XL Sizes

  • 72” x 78” / 183cm x 198cm

  • Installed in any configuration in the barn

Durability, size, and construction suit even very large animals

“We were looking at small animal waterbeds when we came across DCC Waterbeds. We felt that DCC Waterbeds’ durability, size, and construction could be better adapted to our large-animal setting. The installation was straightforward and we are monitoring the durability of the beds. The moose bedded down very quickly when in the waterbed stalls. In fact, one of the moose that is called ‘Steve’ had to be coerced to leave his waterbed the first couple of times he used it!”

- Minnesota Zoo