We stand by our beds.

DCC Waterbeds have been in dairy barns around the world for nearly 20 years. Years of use, day in and day out, have resulted in very little wear on the beds and little need for repairs, replacements or adjustments. But, just in case, we stand by our beds.

Contact us for our 10-year limited warranty in a free stall barn and 1-year warranty in a tie-stall barn for DCC Waterbeds ISO.

Completely Satisfied

“They lasted 12 years. I’m sure other mats would have been replaced much earlier. They paid for themselves within 2-3 years. We save $350-$400 per month in bedding and have 90-95% less acute mastitis cases/year. We are completely satisfied.”

— Noel Seguin, Ontario, Canada
96 DCC Waterbeds installed in 2002, replaced with DCC Waterbeds ISO in 2015

DCC Waterbeds May Last "Forever"

“The first barn we put them in was in 2006. Come September they will be in there 13 years, and they don’t look like they’re wore out at all, and the cows love them. … I’m not sure how long the waterbeds are going to last. Right now they don’t even look worn. I was walking though the barn the other day and thought they they just might last forever! "

— Larry Baer, Ohio, USA
600 DCC Waterbeds installed in 2006


Comfort, durability, low maintenance

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