A Low-Maintenance Heifer Bedding Solution

A long-lasting, low-maintenance bedding solution is ideal for raising young stock. DCC Waterbeds junior are our Original-style beds available in smaller sizes for heifers. By installing DCC Waterbeds junior in a heifer facility, the transition to the milking herd is less stressful for young stock. 

junior applications:

  • free stall barn

junior sizes:

  • 34” / 85cm x 63” / 160cm

  • 36” / 90cm x 63” / 160cm

  • 38” / 96cm x 72”/ 183cm

  • Full roll quantities of custom sizes are available. Please contact us for details.

Obvious bedding choice for heifers

"DCC Waterbeds junior have many advantages: zero maintenance, zero bedding, really durable, great comfort, and the cows are ready for the free stall from day one. It's the obvious bedding choice for anyone raising heifers and looking for a high-value, low-maintenance bedding."

- Marvin Hesse, Oregon
1,200 DCC Waterbeds Original +
1,200 DCC Waterbeds junior + 200 DCC Waterbeds ISO