Easy to Manage in Any System

Cows sleep on DCC Waterbeds in more than 30 countries in a wide variety of dairy sizes, types, and climates. When we ask producers what they believe is the best thing about DCC Waterbeds, they say the same thing: 

“DCC Waterbeds are comfortable for cows & require less maintenance.” 

With DCC Waterbeds, dairy producers have a choice in their top bedding material and daily cleaning is fast and simple. What’s even better is DCC Waterbeds never pack down and they dry quickly, so if you don’t want to disrupt a resting cow, you don’t need to. She will still be comfortable. This all means less stress for the cow, less work in the barn, less material in the manure stream, and less wear and tear on expensive equipment. DCC Waterbeds are a solution to the dairy management challenge of providing consistent cow comfort with less labor, materials, and maintenance. 

Considering robots? Tie the system together with DCC Waterbeds.

DCC Waterbeds have proven to be one of the most popular bedding choices to pair with robots.