Custom fit. Every cow. Every time.

DCC Waterbeds offer a long-lasting, comfortable, low-maintenance solution to a dairy management challenge—consistent cow comfort.

Water is a forgiving surface that supports the cow, but will not pack down. The beds gently float the cow’s pressure points—knees, hocks, and udder—while shedding moisture and helping keep bacteria levels low.

Every time a cow leaves a DCC Waterbed, the bed immediately returns to its original shape, ensuring a custom fit for every cow, every time.

Cows like a comfortable surface. Cows like predictability. DCC Waterbeds provide both—every minute of every day. With DCC Waterbeds, you will have peace of mind knowing your cows are comfortable, dry, clean, and cool.

Float the pressure points

DCC Waterbeds' patented dual-chamber design provides invariable, stable cushion for cow descent each and every time she lies down. The water suspends the cow’s pressure points. The bed gently moves with her skin and repels liquid.


Because DCC Waterbeds shed moisture and dry quickly, you can achieve a consistently low somatic cell count (SCC). 

Compatible with technology

DCC Waterbeds have a 15-to-20-year life expectancy and are compatible with the latest technologies—robotic milking units, slatted floors, ventilation and cooling systems. With DCC Waterbeds, you can have an improved dairy farm system today, while planning for one you may build in the future.

Don't take our word for it

DCC Waterbeds provide superior cow comfort without the headaches related to other bedding systems. Dairy producers around the world have invested in DCC Waterbeds because the beds’ unique features maximize cow comfort and help improve herd health, which allows cows to do what they do best: make milk.

We think our customers tell the DCC Waterbeds story better than we ever could. Look at the research, read what dairy producers and industry experts are saying

DCC Waterbeds offer unparalleled consistency in cow comfort every time she lies down, and in every season, for years on end—no frozen chunks of bedding, no pooling liquids, and no rips or lumps.

Transform herd health

 "Absolutely no hock lesions or injuries to any other parts of the cow. We have better reproduction than before (on flat cow mats), and lameness is almost a thing of the past."

- Peter Wipf, Montana, USA
250 DCC Waterbeds

Download the cow comfort fact sheet.

Eliminate mastitis

“We used to have to treat cows for mastitis, and our cell count was very high – 400K to 450K regularly. And we put waterbeds in and it took a little bit for it to come down, but now we’re at 130K – 140K pretty consistently, and we just don’t treat cows any more. Mastitis is not one of our enemies any more.”

- Kalvin Imhoff, Indiana, USA
120 DCC Waterbeds

Download the udder health fact sheet.

Increase lactations

“We have a rotating herd with young animals mixed in with 3+ lactation animals that need that extra comfort on their feet, body, and big udders. Our older cows are the money makers, so we have to keep them comfortable. The DCC Waterbeds do that."

- Collins Dairy LLC, Wisconsin, USA
470 DCC Waterbeds (2008, 2011) + 350 DCC Waterbeds ISO (2017)

Download the 4+ lactation fact sheet.

Happy cows make more milk.

"We see a lot of cows lying down fast once they enter the stall instead of perching there for a while.  And they stay there quite a bit longer then they used to.  Happy cows make more milk. That is all there is to it.”

Roerview Dairy is achieving 104# production with DCCW and robots. Read the full article here.

- Stephen Roerick, of Roerview Dairy, Minnesota, USA 
180 DCC Waterbeds ISO (2016)

Heal sore hocks

“Everything was overcrowded about 40 percent before we moved into the new barn, and one in four of our cows had a swollen hock. A few months later, you’d have a hard time finding one out there in the waterbed barn. It’s kind of amazing that they healed up that fast.”

- Laier Farms, Michigan, USA
1,000 DCC Waterbeds

Download the cow comfort fact sheet.

Hard to deny data

Check out results from research performed on the cow comfort and farm management benefits of DCC Waterbeds.