Temperatures rise, DCC Waterbeds stay cool

No one can hide from the heat. Misters, fans and water availability all help reduce heat stress. But have you thought about the temperature of your bedding? We find DCC Waterbeds are 5-10F degrees cooler than sand, manure solids, and other mattresses in hot weather. That is a lot of extra heat your cow is exposed to up to 12 hours a day when she is lying in the stall.

We went into some hot barns and some cold barns and checked the temperature of the beds. Not a surprise to us, DCC Waterbeds are cooler than other surfaces in summer, and warmer than other surfaces in winter. Cow comfort win!


The following photos show the temperatures beneath the cow immediately after she stands up. Using a heat-sensing thermal camera, we captured the temperature ranges during some warm summer days. The hotter the surface, the more yellow and orange will be in the image. The cooler areas are purple and black. During hot weather, the ground temperature conducted through the concrete beneath DCC Waterbeds, ensures the cows remain cool.


DCC Waterbeds measured in barns were 5-10 degrees (F) cooler than sand, manure solids, and other flat cow mattresses.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 10.17.40 AM.png


Outdoor temperature: 87F

Temperature of DCC Waterbeds ISO under cow: 84F


Outdoor temperature: 92F

Temperature of sand under cow: 97F


Outdoor temperature: 75F

Temperature of surface under cow: 98F


Outdoor temperature: 89F

Temperature of mat under cow: 97F

Consider the true cost of bedding

DCC Waterbeds provide comfort on par with sand bedding, but at a significantly lower cost.