Cost Comparison: Flat Cow Mats vs. DCC Waterbeds

Flat cow mats may cost less up front, but DCC Waterbeds prove to yield greater savings

Since 2003, we have been telling the DCC Waterbeds’ story around the globe. Our sales have grown substantially as dairy producers realize the cost-of-production benefits that come with the high level of comfort that DCC Waterbeds provide.

We are often faced with producers trying to decide between DCC Waterbeds and a “top-of-the-line” flat cow mattress or mat that may quote up to $100 less per stall. Saving $100 per stall may look good at the time, but those “savings” are quickly erased by the cost of losing cow comfort.

We have taken all of the variables that we can quantify and put them into a short worksheet that compares the cost of flat cow mats to the cost of dairy bedding with DCC Waterbeds.

Download our flat mat versus DCC Waterbeds calculator worksheet to see how mats and DCC Waterbeds will compare in your barn.


Over ten years time, DCC Waterbeds will end up recouping that initial $100, plus an additional $1,000 due to less bedding, healthy hocks, more lactations per cow and a lower cull rate.

If you’re interested in looking at how DCC Waterbeds compare to sand bedding, we’ve calculated those costs as well. A lot of these calculations are based on research conducted comparing the herd health, cost, and farmer satisfaction of DCC Waterbeds versus sand and flat cow mattresses. Read the full study here.