Choosing Comfort, Balancing Cost

It’s argued that sand is the “most comfortable dairy bedding surface.” But wouldn’t the “most comfortable surface” actually be something like a ton of fresh cotton balls every day or a Sleep Number bed? Obviously providing something like marshmallows or memory foam just isn’t economically feasible – and economics does need to play a role in the choices we make every day.

So, when we hear “sand bedding equals high comfort,” we think, “Yes, it does, but at what cost?”

Finding a bedding surface as comfortable, or nearly as comfortable as sand, but with a much lower cost would be ideal.

DCC Waterbeds are that ideal.

With hock protection and laying times on part with sand, but the year-on-year costs dramatically more manageable, DCC Waterbeds are much closer to a realistic, ideal dairy bedding solution.

Just read what Michael Stanton in Coeyman’s Hollow, New York, has to say about sand, comfort and cost.

In short, the marginal difference in comfort that sand may or may not provide is quickly erased when converted to dollars and cents because sand is so expensive to manage.

Producers who switch to DCC Waterbeds from sand regularly report no changes in production, hock issues, or any other negative herd health effects, but they always agree that DCC Waterbeds are helping them save time and money.