Extra durability for tie stall barns

Tie stall barns have unique demands. We offer DCC Waterbeds TS, a bed with added durability. The front and rear chambers of the DCC Waterbeds TS are filled separately. The front pillow provides a consistent cushion for the knees to prevent knee injury. The rear pillow floats the hocks and udder with more consistency. The TS is for dairy producers with tie stalls who desire the long-lasting, minimal top bedding, and comfort advantages of DCC Waterbeds.


This photo, taken two weeks after the installation of DCC Waterbeds in an Ontario tie stall barn, shows the dark, open sore all gone and the skin healthy and pink where the hair has already started to grow back.

The producer gave four reasons why he chose DCC Waterbeds:

  1. Better hock condition
  2. The waterbeds are not as difficult to maintain and are easier to clean
  3. The waterbeds provide more consistent comfort and more stability compared to flat mats topped with large amounts of straw that result in a lumpy surface
  4. Less liquid underneath the cow

Milk production increased 4-5 Liters

“We are very pleased with DCC Waterbeds for our tie stall barn. The cows are sleeping longer, the legs are healing, and you can see that their knees and hocks no longer swell or hurt. We had an increase of 4 to 5 liters of milk per, cow per day. Additionally, DCC Waterbeds TS keep the cows clean and dry, and we have even slightly decreased the amount of top bedding. It has been the best investment we’ve made so far, the cows are comfortable, clean, and very productive.”

- Ferme La Croisée, Québec

  • Owners: Jean-Pierre Coulombe and his daughter Cynthia Coulombe
  • 60 DCC Waterbeds
  • 100% Ayrshire
  • Production: 60.6 lb/day 
  • 4.55% fat // 3.5% protein 
  • SCC before waterbeds: 300 000
  • SCC now: 150,000-175,000

Before DCC waterbeds TS INSTALLATION

In a few short weeks, the hocks sores at Ferme La Croisée markedly improved, leading to healthier, better producing cows.
Three weeks after DCC Waterbeds TS INSTALLATION

Three weeks after DCC Waterbeds TS INSTALLATION