Installation Video

Straightforward installation, no special tools required.

DCC Waterbeds can be installed in nearly any dairy barn. Watch the installation video for an overview of the installation steps in a typical free stall facility.
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For specific information about fill requirements, stall measuring instructions to ensure your beds will fit your specific stall width requirements, a list of tools and equipment, and other details, please contact us for a print version of our Installation Guide and barn Measuring Guide.

Of course, not all facilities are the same. If you have specific installation questions or would like to request a copy of our complete Installation Guide or barn Measuring Guide, please contact us.


  • DCC Waterbeds come in widths ranging from 34″ (DCC Waterbeds junior) to 60″ wide. For complete sizing, visit Our Products page.
  • DCC Waterbeds arrive in a roll.
  • The tools required are easily sourced – you probably already have most of them  on-hand (a hammer, a utility knife, a drill, a hose, etc.).
  • Following our detailed Measuring Guide with your DCC Waterbeds dealer will ensure you order the correct sized beds and quantities of hardware.
  • Following our detailed Installation Guide with your DCC Waterbeds dealer will ensure your beds are installed to provide superior dairy cow comfort for years to come.
  • Learn about our full product line – comfort for your entire herd.