The Original Stands the Test of Time

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In 1999 our CEO, Dean Throndsen, brought single chamber waterbeds for cows from Europe to the North American dairy industry. Throndsen recognized the opportunity to improve upon the single chamber bed design to have a significant impact for dairy cow comfort.

In 2003,  Dean patented the Dual Chamber Cow Waterbed in 2003, the 2nd generation bed we call DCC Waterbeds Original. With DCC Waterbeds Original, the two chambers, one for the knees and one for the body, are divided by a baffle to provide consistent, stable comfort while two small channels allow water to slowly pass between the chambers.  In 2013, we introduced the ISO design. The Original design is not longer in stock in our Wisconsin warehouse. Full roll quantities of the Original design can be special ordered. Please contact us for delivery time.

DCC Waterbeds Original have been installed in more than 30 countries worldwide since 2003, floating the cows’ pressure points and providing unparalleled comfort. 

Original Applications: 

  • Free stall barn

Full roll / special order Original Sizes*:

  • 42” / 107 cm

  • 44” / 112 cm

  • 45” / 114 cm

  • 46” / 117 cm

  • 47” / 119 cm

  • 48” / 122 cm

  • 51” / 129.5 cm

  • 50" / 127 cm

  • 54” / 137 cm

  • 60” / 137 cm

*Full roll quantities of the Original design can be special ordered.  Please contact us for delivery time. 

Head-to-tail length: 

  • 72” / 183 cm

Beds can be trimmed 2" from the head and/or tail end and 1.5" from either side.

Custom sizes are available with minimum order required.

16 Years and Counting

"I wanted something that the cow would be floating on when they’re laying down so they wouldn’t have abrasions on their hocks, and something that I could use a minimal amount of bedding on that would not be permeable – where liquid would not soak in. The waterbeds have delivered that so far.

Our cell count is below 100,000, and we’ve been that all year.

There is no indication yet how long they’re going to last. They look very similar to the day we put them in."

- Tom Kestell , Ever-Green-View Farm, Waldo, Wisconsin
# of cows: 130
# of DCC Waterbeds: 130
installation year: 2003
previous bedding: rubber mattresses