Isolated Chambers, Unparalleled Comfort

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In 2013, we introduced DCC Waterbeds ISO, the 3rd-generation waterbed, and our most comfortable bedding solution yet. The front and rear chambers of the ISO are filled separately. The front pillow provides a consistent cushion for the knees. The rear pillow floats the hocks and udder with more consistency.

With a fixed volume of water, DCC Waterbeds ISO support the cow’s body weight through hydraulic pressure, mirroring the cow and floating her pressure points.

ISO Applications:

  • Free stall barn (10-year limited warranty)

  • Tie stall barn (1-year warranty)

ISO Sizes:

Bed widths: 

  • 42” / 107 cm

  • 44” / 112 cm

  • 45” / 114 cm

  • 46” / 117 cm

  • 47” / 119 cm

  • 48” / 122 cm

  • 50" / 127 cm

  • 51” / 129.5 cm

  • 54” / 137 cm

  • 60” / 137 cm

Head-to-tail length: 

  • 72” / 183 cm

Beds can be trimmed 2" from the head and/or tail end and 1.5" from either side.

Custom sizes are available with minimum order required.

Top-of-the-line comfort

The barn that we installed the ISOs in, it was a fresh cow barn, and we wanted the top-of-the-line beds in that barn. Right now on the market, for me, the ISO bed is the best option for cow comfort. The ISOs protect her from bottoming out, which was enough that when we looked at cow comfort, the cost of having the best support available was worth the extra investment."

- Mike Verhasselt, Wisconsin

Verhasselt Farms has installed multiple times, when building a new barn and replacing old, worn out mattresses.