Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds

Don't just take our word for it. We think our customers tell the DCC Waterbeds story better than we ever could.

DCC Waterbeds provide superior cow comfort without the headaches related to other bedding systems. Dairy producers around the world have invested in DCC Waterbeds because the beds’ unique features maximize cow comfort and help improve herd health, which allows cows to do what they do best: make milk. What you'll find in these pages is straight from our customers.
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Herd Health & Bed Benefits

“The Diamond Standard” of dairy bedding, DCC Waterbeds are the only bedding surface designed to float the pressure points and move with the cow’s skin to reduce or eliminate hock abrasions. They flex, helping keep them moisture and bacteria free, will never pack, and are the lowest cost-per-stall bedding surface on the market today. Because of these features, the beds provide excellent cow comfort as well as help the farmer save time and money.

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What Farmers Are Saying

Once dairy farmers invest in DCC Waterbeds and see the impact on their herds, they can’t resist spreading the word. Our clients regularly welcome other farmers, industry experts, international visitors, and even school children into their barns to see, first-hand, benefits of DCC Waterbeds. Speaking about everything from herd health to economic impact, farmers have a lot of great things to say about DCC Waterbeds.

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In the news

We’re famous! DCC Waterbeds seem to grab the attention of the news media and the trade media often. Check out some of our most recent news coups.

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Academic Research

While Dr. Wendy Fulwider studied under world-renowned researcher and animal rights expert, Dr. Temple Grandin, her research on cow comfort and animal welfare was published in the Journal of Dairy Science.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they freeze? Do they come in different sizes to fit different breeds? Will they tear? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about DCC Waterbeds. Have a question not listed? Send us a message and we’ll get your question answered.

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