Brookfield Zoo in Chicago Installs DCC Waterbeds for Baird's Tapir

What’s a Baird’s tapir?

We had to look it up, too! The Baird’s tapir is a small African hoofed mammal.

The team at Brookfield Zoo, a Chicago Zoological Society facility, looked to the dairy industry for a comfortable bedding solution to help relieve joint discomfort being experienced by their 26-year-old Baird’s tapir, Jezabel. In the Fall 2015 Gateways magazine, published by the zoological society for members, a short article talks about Jezabel’s experience:

In just a few short weeks, they saw improvements for her pressure points, and the team is considering offering waterbeds to all our tapirs, rhinos, and giraffes. Plus, the veterinarians may obtain a portable waterbed for hospital patients.

We’re so excited the Jezabel, and other Brookfield Zoo species, can benefit from the comfort provided by DCC Waterbeds.