DCC Waterbeds stay dry and comfortable all year round

People frequently ask us, do DCC Waterbeds freeze? Well, they can if left out in the elements. The truth is, in a barn with a stocking density around 1:1, the cows use of the beds ensures that they don’t freeze, even in below zero temperatures.


Rubber is a good insulator, holding in the cows’ body heat, and the water temperature is raised to a consistent, comfortable level, ensuring soft waterbeds during the winter months.

What about in a barn with a lower stocking density or in drafty areas of the barn?

If your stocking density drops in the winter, we suggest blocking off stalls to keep a 1:1 ratio, so the beds stay warm.

Cows generally won’t lay down in an exceptionally cold or drafty area of the barn, regardless of the stall surface. So ensure your barn is as buttoned up as it can be for the season.

If there are still stalls that are going to be exposed, we can recommend a non-toxic anti-freezing liquid to add to specific beds at a ratio of 1 gallon anti-freezing liquid to every 3 gallons water.

If DCC Waterbeds do happen to freeze in an empty barn, they are durable and it will not affect their future performance.