International connection: Group of visitors from Mexico tours DCC Waterbed barn near Madison

Last month, we partnered with the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Dane County to host a tour for 13 community leaders from Tepatitlan, Mexico, at the state-of-the art Laufenberg Farms in Waunakee as part of an Official Visit by the Mexican delegation to the City of Madison, part of the Madison/Tepatitlan Sister City Program.

“Business leaders in Tepatitlan have been attending Madison’s World Dairy Expo for more than a decade, as both cities are home to large agriculture and dairy industries,” said Antonio Molina Rivas, Vice President of the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Dane County and host of the Official Visit. “Having the dairy tour as part of this visit made a lot of sense as Tepatitlan leaders are looking to see the latest U.S. dairy technology to improve milk production practices in Mexico.”

The Tepatitlan delegation included that city’s mayor, members of the city council, and leaders in business and education.

Laufenberg Farms, a 150-cow dairy located just outside Madison, is part of a growing number of innovative dairy farms using the latest in technology to provide the most comfortable environment for its dairy cows, including the installation of DCC Waterbeds, the use of robotic milking units, cross-ventilated barns, slat flooring, and other cow-comfort and dairy management solutions.

We were happy to partner with the Latino Chamber to host the afternoon farm tour to support the international exchange of information.

“If we can connect farmers in other nations with leading cow-comfort solutions, then we are helping make a positive impact cow comfort around the world,” said Amy Throndsen, director of marketing for ACT, Inc. “We hope that the delegates were able to see some exciting alternatives to traditional dairying methods through this experience, including the impact DCC Waterbeds can have to improve cow comfort and dairy efficiency.”

The Sister City Program is part of an ongoing effort by the Latino Chamber of Commerce, the City of Madison, and Wisconsin leaders to help establish a strong cultural and informational dialogue between Wisconsin and Mexico.

“It was amazing to see how efficient the Laufenberg Farm is managed.   I was impressed with the technology utilized on the farm.  Everything from the robotic milkers and the waterbeds for cows, each part of the farm was carefully considered,” said Jose Jesus Gonzalez Ibarra, Social Communications Chief. “The cows seem very happy and comfortable.”

Dave Laufenberg, owner of Laufenberg Farms, often has visitors touring his facility because of its proximity to Madison and its unique features.

“Our cows are very content in the new barn.  DCC Waterbeds provide a comfortable place for our cows to rest,” said Kate Laufenburg. “The barn is just so quiet.  You can only hear the wind blowing.  We know our cows are comfortable and that was our number one goal in building the new barn.”